New shopping experience in offline retail stores

Catcha reminds you of the promotion items based on your location in the store and also helps you earn points while shopping. The core underlying technology of Catcha is an infrastructure-free indoor localization system and Augmented Reality. The deep learning-based indoor positioning system utilizes IMU sensors (Accelerometer and Gyroscope) to predict the relative movement and WiFi signals and geomagnetism to predict the absolute location. Further, it uses map constraints such as blockage information and pathway directions to predict user location with error of <5 meters in retail stores. The system works for challenging cases like a phone placed on a shopping cart, pocket, and bag. On top of that, the system runs completely on-device hence mitigating privacy concerns. The mobile application has been tested on 200+ users in one of the biggest retail stores in Korea. It is proven to be providing a new and fun shopping experience to users and significant value to retailers.