Decision Support System

Decision Support System (DSS) is a web application developed for government officials in India. It helps in managing the schedule, bringing in all the data of the city/district at a single place, and supporting decisions related to maintaining law and order & efficient implementation of schemes.

The backend is developed in python (Django) and the frontend in ReactJS. Some of the key features include:

  • Calendar: One can set the priority of different events and tag them. It also enables you to add notes/minutes of meetings to events.
  • Search: It is always hard to find past events in standard calendars. DSS comes with a superb search functionality where you can search your past events with keywords in meeting notes, tags, event names, etc. It gives you a list of your calendar entries satisfying the search criterion. One use case is, if you add the same tag to the periodic meetings, on searching with the tag, it will give you a sequence of all the related meetings with that tag for easily viewing all the meeting notes from the past meetings.
  • Learn from the past: One can define different types of events/happenings for e.g. natural calamities, crimes, organizing gatherings, etc. with multiple properties. It allows you to log the learnings from these events as well, such as “what logistics were to be arranged”, etc. In the future, one can fetch the learnings from similar past events based on the properties of the event.

The project is still under development :)